The Role of Process Approach in Developing EFL Students’ Writing Composition

  • Abdualateef Ali Abdulmula Rekiak
الكلمات المفتاحية: EFL Students, Writing Composition


This study aims at investigating the role of process approach in developing writing composition of 3rd year secondary schools students at Al Fashir. The researcher will use test and questionnaire as tools of data collection. The population of the study are 3rd year secondary schools students at Al Fashir. The study examined (150) students and (80) teachers from different schools. The descriptive and analytical method used in analyzing the data. The collected data analyze statistically by means of the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The result reveled that students have problems in how to start good beginning of the sentences, clear ending the composition, logical sequence of the subject, organizing idea, lack of vocabulary, grammatical problems and unable to us punctuation marks in proper place. Moreover, teachers neglect the importance of using process approach in teaching writing composition, student’s textbooks did not provide process approach information for teaching write composition. Finally, the researcher found that the process approach played a great role in developing students writing composition. The study recommended that: To the students, always think how to increase your own lexicon of vocabulary and their usage. To the teacher, involve your students in planning for any instructional work, especially writing. To the stockholders, Supervisors should visit the teachers and see the students' writings and their drafts.


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Abdualateef Ali Abdulmula Rekiak. (2023). The Role of Process Approach in Developing EFL Students’ Writing Composition. مجلة العلوم التربوية والانسانية, (28), 131-140.